2009 Sponsors*

Padrinos de Oro – Gold Sponsors
A contribution of $5,000 or more

Albert C. & Bertha P. Markstein Foundation
Kaiser Permanente

Padrinos de Plata – Silver Sponsors
A contribution of $2,500 or more

Honorable Alberto Torrico
Dutra Enterprises, Inc.
Felix Elizalde La Raza Media Educational Fund
Honorable Gail Steele
Honorable Ignacio De La Fuente (added 4/29)
La Comision Honorifica Mexicana
TRI CED Community Recycling
Yolanda Baldovinos and Fred Wright Lopez

Padrinos de Bronce – Bronze Sponsors
A contribution of $1,000 or more

American GI Forum of the United States Newark/Fremont Chapter
Honorable Ana Apodaca
Dr. Alison Shepherd Lewis
Dr. Arnold and Carmen Chavez
Chavez Meat Market (added 4/30)
Dawn Graeff
Honorable Ellen Corbett
Fremont Bank
Gretchen Howe Miller
John and Carmen Meléndez (delete Scholarship)
Larry and Marie Contreras-Danner
Ohlone College Foundation/Dr. Gari Browning
Pete Stark Foundation
Ruiz Law Group
Dr. Sarah A. Gonzales and Dr. Barbara Storms
SEIU Local 1000
Walmart Foundation Oakland

Compadres – Godparents
A contribution of $500 or more

Honorable Alice Lai-Bitker
Angela Quintana Family
Allstate Foundation/Ray J. Rodriguez Agency
Chicano Latino Education Assn.(CLEA), Chabot College
Fernando and Nina Genera
Honorable Leo Dorado
Jésus Armas Consulting Group
Kelley McKenzie
Newark-Fremont Hilton Hotel
Rocio de Mateo Smith
Sam and Bettina Flores
Dr. Susan A. Cota
Suzanne Barba

Amigos – Friends
A contribution of $100 or more

Alvesa Orozco (added 4/29)
Honorable Dan Grimmer
Honorable Keith Fudenna
Dr. Joel Kinnamon
John S. Melendez
Jon and Lynn Orellana
Juan Carlos Torres
Honorable Liz Figueroa-Bloom
Marilyn and Carl Baker-Madsen
Pablo L. Fiene
R. J. Rabello
Robert and Rose Marie Portillo
Tony and Frank Nieves
Victor and Lucy Castillo

*Partial List