Message from Our President

“Feliz Ano Nuevo!” It is 2017! For HCAC it is special as it is our 35th Anniversary. In our 35th year, our Mission and Vision statements are foremost and paramount now as they have been since they were first declared and set in writing. “Our Mission is to promote the value of education, cultural diversity, and community involvement. Our Vision is to invest in the higher education of future Hispanic/Latino leaders to build a strong community.”

Our accomplishments of awarding 60 Hispanic/Latino students a total of more than $77,000 in 2016 is now part of our past. Yet this major financial investment into the lives of 60 students could not have been completed without the generosity of our sponsors and the arduous efforts of our enthusiastic volunteers. A huge round of applause to current and past HCAC Board Members as well as our honorable members of the HCAC Advisory Board for their continuous efforts. These supporters together blend their talents, expertise and financial resources to support higher education. With a college education, Hispanics/Latinos can help overcome the barriers and challenges that exist in our society today. HCAC provides scholarship grant awards of $750 for students enrolled in a community college as well as $1,500 for those Hispanic/Latino youth attending a four-year college or university, and reside in Alameda County.

This New Year, 2017, brings in many changes even saying farewell to long-term stalwart HCAC Board Members. Changes in our economy may impact financially, but our HCAC Board of Directors is determined to maintain our goal of awarding 60+ students in 2017. Yet we cannot reach our goal without the help of those who invested financially in 2016. As we are in the process of accepting applications for scholarships in 2017, we again are requesting continued support from our loyal members, sponsors, friends and volunteers.
We encourage those who have reached your career goals and able to give back financially to make a difference in the life of a young person who strives for higher education. Please consider being a 2017 Sponsor to celebrate our 35th HCAC Anniversary of supporting Hispanic/Latino youth, our future leaders. In March, we will need volunteers to share their expertise in our HCAC Scholarship Application Process by reviewing scholarship applications, reading personal statements, as well as interviewing our applicants. Please contact us for dates and times.

One of our goals in 2017 is to do more with less and utilize technology to our advantage. Someone once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!” Let us progress forward (Adelante) to complete our goals as we navigate in the winds of change.

Angelina Reyes