Pedro Naranjo

Pedro Naranjo is the executive director of the Ashland Youth Center Project. The key role of the Youth Center is to ensure that young people from the Ashland area and surrounding communities reach their full potential. Pedro considers it an important responsibility and a true obligation to represent populations that are often over looked and marginalized. He has made it his personal and professional mission to work in collaboration with other committed people to ensure equity for all. Pedro brings to the Ashland Youth Center project over 15 years of experience. Pedro has worked at the forefront of youth development as he has played an important role in the establishment of other youth centers in Sacramento and Oakland, always focusing on developing programs and services that meet the needs and interests of youth.

As an Adjunct Professor in the Health Science Department at San Jose State University, Pedro has taught undergraduate courses to students pursuing a health career. He has also delivered numerous lectures and presentations on developing and cultivating collaborative partnerships. As a Board Member of the Hispanic Community Affairs Council (HCAC), Pedro assists in efforts to provide college scholarship opportunities to Latino students in Alameda County. Pedro believes that young people are our greatest asset and will never miss a chance to empower youth to play a leadership role in ways that strengthen their communities.

Pedro is a proud family man. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family and loves watching his daughters, Liliana and Izel, grow up. Pedro enjoys running, hiking and is learning to play the guitar.